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3D wall sticker forming machine

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3D wall sticker forming machine


3D wall sticker forming machine

3D wall stickers are also called relief wall stickers,it makes the walls three-dimensional what people love,3D wall stickers have the characteristics of beautiful, diverse, flexible, insulation, flame retardant, waterproof, anti-corrosion, non-deformation, anti-aging and so on,It can let local space have administrative levels feeling more, can highlight the life style with distinctive host and emotional appeal, guide the new tide that lives in to decorate.

My company's 3D wall sticker forming machine production efficient, stable quality




适用片材Applicable sheet




thickness 3-12mm

送进长度 (mmFeeding length

无级调整 infinite adjustment

最大成型面积 (mm

Max. Forming area


最大成型深度 (mm

Max. Forming depth


工作效率(模/分)working efficiency

5-15 moulds/minute






1.PLC touch screen control system, greatly improve the stability of the equipment, it has self-monitoring function, simple and fast operation, with multi - group data memory storage function, change the mold, no need to re-set the temperature, pressure, time and so on.

2.Servo motor feeding, accurate and error-free, suitable for the continuous production of the whole roll of materials, saving labor and materials.

3.The pressure forming part adopts the four-cylinder and four-column automatic balance structure to ensure the compression forming precision of each position 0.1mm.

4.Pressure plate dual speed variable,flexible pressure, so that the material molding effect is better. Hydraulic system, matching electrical appliances are international famous brand products, energy saving, low noise, simple operation, high efficiency.

5.Heating part control by the frequency converter, fan driven hot air circulation heating, heating effect uniform and stable.

6.Equipment can be customized according to customer requirements.

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